Enjoy Every Luscious Moment

E E L M may not sound like anything special but this is probably the most important part of our relationship since we met and married.

When Judy mentioned to her dear friend that we were getting married, she said "enjoy every luscious moment", and from that day on is how we live each and every day.


1.     Membership in this organization shall be solely and lovingly co-joined by Judy and Lou from this day forward and through eternity.

2.     The Goal of EELM members is to achieve and maintain unconditional Love.

3.     Love and mutual respect shall be shown to each other and shall abound.

4.     Love shall rule everything, including all meetings, get together s and being together by ourselves.

5.     Other people may be encouraged to form their own EELM Club if the current two members consider them worthy of these ideas.

6.     A sense of humor is vital to this relationship but never at the expense of one another.

7.     Truthfulness, Honesty and Trust are the foundation of the EELM Club.

8.     There will be no secrets between each other except pleasant surprises and gifts.

9.     To live each day one day at a time with each other and live that day to its fullest.

10.     We place this union and our lives in Godís hands and will let Him Guide and direct us in our life, now and forever more.

If you would like a copy of the rules of the EELM Club, for only $10, we will send you a copy suitable for framing personalized for you and your significant other.