Tying up your boat or pulling in your life,
the philosophy is the same.

"Life IS good with its ups and downs. Life is certainly better than the alternative. Some people do exceptionally well throughout their lives while others struggle." --from Don't Retire - Renew"

Don't Retire - Renew is written to assist us in a time of change. In life, two things are sure: Stuff Happens and Times Change. This book is written to help in these different times.

Why Renew? Why not just Retire? Words are powerful stimuli and using the right words make all the difference in the world. We are now living in that "ever changing world." We now have the Baby Boomer Generation as well as the generation before and the one to come after. Things are not what they were ten, twenty, thirty years ago.

Now, in 2008, gasoline prices are sky-high, food prices are increasing, the housing situation has sit some snags and we hear about globalization. Don't Retire - Renew explains how to fit into all this and still maintain the success and comfort levels we desire.